A free video platform for original independent African content
  • About Us

    tammah is a free online video platform for anyone to find,
    watch and share original, independent African content and more.

    We created tammah because major platforms are too big
    and local platforms are uninspired.

    tammah has a community focus and is a place for
    independent African content to live and thrive.

  • Who We Are

    We are a collective of ideas and people. We believe in a
    better web and express our conviction through our work:
    Creating the finest web & mobile applications in/for Africa
    and the world.

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tammah is a respelling of the word tama [tah-mah],
the Senegalese name for the West African talking drum.

A talking drum is any of various types of drums that,
by imitating the rhythm & the rise & fall of words in language,
communicate ideas, stories & culture.

The tama embodies our vision for the tammah community.